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QuietKat Apex

QuietKat Apex

The QuietKat Apex is as its name implies at the top of the power chart for Electric Bikes.


The Apex as tested has a 1000 watt Bafang Mid Drive power plant with throttle.  The drive and gearing is capable of propelling the 80 pound beast with rider over 30mph with minimal rider assistance on the flat.

The Apex with its tremendous power allows me to climb the extreme of extreme steeps.  The Apex was surprisingly nimble enough to navigate very technical routes on the steep.  In addition the Apex had brute strength to simply power through and take a straight line due to its massive tires.  In rock gardens and rock pop ups timing wasn’t as crucial with the luxury of a throttle to ensure momentum and peddle stroke were optimal.

One notable downside with the Bafang mid drive is assistance is basic compared to the the likes of Bosch, Shimano, Brose, or Yamaha.  However the plus of a throttle for many  can mitigate the sophisticated and natural interface the other mid drives deliver.

The QuietKat is marketed to a niche utilitarian buyer in the hunting and sportsman space.  These buyers are primarily electric cycling interlopers in which the bike is an ends to a means.  However, this bike can hold its own in the off-road electric bike category.  I’m looking forward to playing with this bike in the snow.

Be on the look out for a snow riding report!

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