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Overview on How To Pick Out Your First E-Bike

Overview on How To Pick Out Your First E-Bike

The ultimate hunt for eco-friendly transportation is well underway for many, especially after you factor in the gas price at the pump. Before jumping into any investment, it’s critical to understand your options and factor in all the benefits.

Those who have electric bikes cannot stress enough how convenient and user-friendly they are. So, if you’re considering taking the plunge, here is a quick overview to help guide you toward buying your first e-bike.

Find a Reliable Vendor

You will come across many vendors and e-bike dealers across the internet, but it’s critical to find one you trust with reliable industry knowledge. A reliable vendor will have years of experience and expertise to offer, in addition to basic servicing and hands-on guidance.

Here at Voltaire Cycles, we are a specialty electric bike vendor with years of knowledge in the industry. Each interaction with us is guaranteed to leave you feeling supported, educated, and ready to conquer any and all e-bike challenges. Once you partner with a trusted vendor, you can shift your focus to other critical areas.

Define Your Needs and Wishes

One of the best places to begin your electric bike journey is by defining your needs for the bike. If you’re looking for a fun commute to the grocery store or around the neighborhood, think about what this looks like.

If you’re looking for an everyday ride to work or something that can reduce your vehicle’s usage, then that’s important information to have when looking for the most ideal bike for you. How you intend to use the electric bike will help you narrow your search options to e-bikes that are compatible with your lifestyle needs.

Put Your Safety First

In terms of putting your safety first, there are several things to consider. While you want to wear a helmet and follow basic road rules, you also need to factor in any learning curves that could pose a safety risk. An electric bike moves with more force than a traditional bike, and because of this, your braking process will look different. Learning how to brake effectively will help keep you safe.

Another thing to consider is adequate lighting. Some e-bikes come with lighting, but most require an additional installation. Consider attaching a road-worthy light to the handlebar and your helmet and securing reflective tire pegs.

Think About the Motor

There are two common motor types for electric bikes: mid-drive and hub motors. A mid-drive motor tends to offer more efficiency and handles better going uphill. However, many vendors will provide more options in hub motors because they are usually more affordable. A hub motor sits near the rear wheel and offers increased acceleration through the pedal.

Factor In an Ideal Weight

If your body weight and the bike’s weight are incompatible, this could cause various levels of discomfort while riding. You should try to align the weights to avoid imbalances and discomfort. In most cases, riders prefer the bike to be on the lightweight side as it tends to handle better.

Another unique feature is that some electric bikes fold in half, making them easy to commute with and carry by hand. To snag a folding e-bike, browse our selection of Magnum electric bikes. We offer a full range of affordable, foldable Magnum e-bikes to fit riders of all experience levels.

Determine Your Personal Budget

On average, you can expect to spend $1500 or more on your first e-bike. This would cover just a basic electric bike without additional features or accessories. Though, it is worth noting that you get what you pay for with electric bikes.

So, if you want something with more technology and enhanced features, consider extending your budget to achieve more. While the quality will still be good on a lower-end model, you may be able to do more with a higher-end version. Set a budget you are comfortable with and make this known to the specialist you work with so they can align you with the most suitable options.

Consider Weatherproof Features

The intention for why you want an electric bike will help you begin thinking about the weather fluctuations and how this might impact your bike. Where you live will weigh significantly on the bike’s health, especially if you have to store it during winter.

Additionally, suppose you use your e-bike for everyday commuting. In that case, you may experience unexpected inclement weather while riding, and you need to know that the electric bike can withstand this situation. These situations may be entirely unavoidable for some, so ensuring the battery, motor, and display are splash-proof is an essential element to factor in.

Servicing and Maintenance Needs

Regardless of your investment in your electric bike, it will always need servicing and basic maintenance. Any electrical component could experience a malfunction and need servicing, just like the tires need adequate PSI to balance the bike.

Factor in servicing and maintenance needs when searching for an e-bike, so you’re not surprised when issues arise. It’s also worth mentioning that by performing routine maintenance on your electric bike, you can preserve its life and get every penny out of the investment.

Learn About the Battery Specs

Without the battery and proper charging techniques, your electric bike will not function. There are a few different battery sizes to consider, and each will pertain to the bike you choose and how much power is necessary for optimal performance.

As a first-time e-bike buyer, think about your riding style and power needs. In general, downhill rides will require a minimum of 250 watts compared to altered terrains and uphill rides, where the bike will need a minimum of 500 watts.

With these considerations in mind, the more power you need, the heavier and more expensive the battery will be. Ensure your budget can also accommodate performance upgrades and bike enhancements.

After learning how to successfully prepare for your first e-bike purchase with this brief overview, we hope you are ready to give us a call. Here at Voltaire Cycles, we carry a full range of electric bikes for all of life’s best adventures. We are happy to help you on your new electric biking journey today!

Overview on How To Pick Out Your First E-Bike
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