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Meet the new Store Manager, Joey Rosario

Meet the new Store Manager, Joey Rosario

This past November, we hired a new store manager, Joey Rosario. He brings enormous enthusiasm, vision, and amazing slight-of-hand talent to our shop. We asked him to share a bit of himself so we could formally introduce him to our customers.

So Joey, welcome to the team. What can you tell our audience about your roots?
I am a New Jersey native, born and raised. My family hopped around a few towns but the majority of my 90’s childhood was spent growing up in Belleville.

What sticks out in your mind about your roots and how/where you spent your youth? 
My childhood is filled with memories of the many adventures. Whether it was exploring the town on our bikes or walking along the train tracks, my brother and I . We spent a lot of time with our noses stuck in our sketchbooks drawing away, playing Pokemon (who wasn’t in the 90’s?), or racing through Branch Brook Park behind some handlebars.

What do you remember about first learning to ride a bike? 
Falling. Falling a lot. I remember vividly falling and scraping up my knees and hands. Biking and skating are things that I just wanted to do. When I was finally able to keep my wheels under control, there was no stopping me. I fell in love with speed. I was there at any opportunity to go racing down a hill on a set of wheels. 

Prior to working for The Voltaire Cycles, what positions have you held before? 
My first serious job was working at the Hudson County’s Prosecutor’s Office assigned to the Special Victim’s Unit. I held that job during the night shift while working other jobs during the day. For example, I managed Suburban Vinyl Art gallery in Waldwick. I also held a design position at Phillip Jeffries helping to develop wall-covering for hospitality and residential markets. Throughout my professional life, I've consistently maintained an active freelance art career. 

What attracted you to The Voltaire Cycles?
In my previous work experience I learned how important it was to work with people who are passionate about the work. Reading the reviews for Voltaire Cycles and how the company carried itself  encouraged me to feel I would be around like-minded individuals. The combination of this explosive new industry in sustainable living, and a pioneer company dedicated to developing the industry further was irresistible to me. Add to the fact that a position at Voltaire Cycles meant I would be surrounded by joys of my childhood.
Where do you see electric mobility heading in the next 5 years?
Electric Mobility is closely tied to battery technology and developments in Lithium battery technology. It is at a point where in the next 5 years, the range for electric bikes will seriously compete with the majority of current commuter vehicles. This will create a more competitive industry for all types of electric vehicles. 
What do you enjoy most about working at Voltaire Cycles?
I thoroughly enjoy introducing electric bikes to those individuals who are unaware or have not yet experienced what a joy it is to ride. It is truly an amazing new experience, even to those who ride standard bikes quite often. There is a literal shock & awe that rolls over the faces of those I take on test rides. You can see when their minds begin to race with new possibilities. 
What would you like ES customers to know about you?
Throughout my life I have been a son, a brother, an illustrator, a magician, a shop manager, but at the end of the day I am a people person. I love meeting new people and enjoy it most when they feel like they’re talking to an old friend. With the rush of social media, texting, and quick touches, we sometimes forget what it feels like to connect on a personal level.  All it takes is a smile, a few laughs, and something happens which can't be experienced on a smart-phone.  

We are very fortunate for the relationships, friends, and close allies which have formed in and around Voltaire Cycles. If you have a moment or two, please stop by and introduce yourself to Joey.  You can also send him a quick note via his email at 



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