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Is now a good time to buy an electric bike (Christmas 2022)?

Is now a good time to buy an electric bike (Christmas 2022)?

As we approach Christmas of 2022 is now a good time to get an electric bike?

In general Electric Bikes despite inflationary pressures are likely priced as low as consumers will ever see for some time to come.

Rubber, Lithium, Aluminum are just a few commodities in an electric bike pressured by price increases and potential shortage of these materials.  Energy costs affects the entire spectrum from manufacturing to delivery.  It’s just a matter of time in which prices will reflect these pressures.

While electric bike consumer demand grew, so did the industry response with new companies and offerings, as well as the delivery of back orders.  This phenomena has put the electric bike consumer in an excellent position in which robust inventory in response to the demand has pushed recent substantial price drops not ever seen before.  There is no question we are at the bottom of the price trough.  Unless general demand retracts the trough will be relatively short lived.

Inventory built with pre inflationary pressures will erode and prices will soon reflect inflation.  The question is when will the pre inflationary inventory work itself out?  Based on Google search analytics electric bike demand compared to last year this month has not retracted.   It is a good bet by the end of the first quarter of 2023 the pricing will reflect current inflationary pressures if not sooner.

Waiting, in general will likely see price increases.










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