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How To Properly Maintain Your Electric Trike

How To Properly Maintain Your Electric Trike

After thoroughly researching and investing in an electric trike, properly caring for it is vital. An e-trike is an excellent solution for people who need quick and effective commuting methods with heavier loads. It’s also perfect for those who want to joyride through their neighborhood and town on a nice summer evening.

Like most other modes of transportation, adequate and timely maintenance extends its lifespan. A failure to care for your trike can result in thousands of missed miles, costly and avoidable repair work, and waste in investments. We’re here to help you and created this list of how to properly maintain your electric trike to guarantee you get the most out of your investment.

Ride With Caution

While this may have more to do with you as a rider, it can directly correlate to your trike’s well-being. Any time you hit the pavement, you should be riding with caution. Even though your comfort levels are high while riding, your surroundings are unpredictable, and accidents can happen.

Airing on the side of caution allows you to double and triple-check your surroundings and potentially avoid any snafus along the way. This is especially critical if you’re carrying cargo or a passenger, as that makes your risk factors higher. Things such as taking corners wide and maintaining a steady speed can help keep you out of harm’s way.

Load Your Cargo Carefully

If you think of your trike as a grocery cart, you should be able to load it well with safety being upheld. This helpful tip would only apply to those who plan to carry cargo. For example, you wouldn’t put your eggs or bread at the bottom with water on the top.

So, the thought process is similar when you load your cargo onto the trike. Loading things correctly is safe for the rider and effective in ensuring you don’t lose anything along the way. Balancing the load is also essential in avoiding damage to your trike. Because anything on wheels requires stability, an imbalanced cargo can result in pressure on the brakes or mechanisms. Refer to your owner’s manual to confirm load limits.

Look After the Battery

Your battery is a vital component of your electric trike, so looking after it should be a high priority. Though batteries are replaceable, they’re still a costly replacement, and there are ways to extend their lifetime.

You want to ensure you’re properly storing the battery in ideal temperatures. Freezing or steamy hot temps can drastically alter the battery’s usability, similar to what we experience with our mobile devices. The work it takes to maintain functionality fluctuates during varying temperatures, so storing it in temperatures between 40 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.

Another common issue is overcharging the battery. Overcharging can result in the battery running through more cycles, so it’s advisable to keep the battery between 20 and 80 percent. This is also true of a mobile device, but the same concept applies to your electric trike. Take advantage of a smart plug that allows you to control the functions of your smartphone. If your battery is properly cared for, it can take your trike on a journey of 10,000 miles or more.

Thoroughly Clean Your Trike Regularly

While you want your trike always to look good, thoroughly cleaning it is more than that. You’re more likely to increase its damage if you go long periods without a deep cleaning. Several moving components and parts on a trike, and dirt can find its way into the smallest of crevices.

Generally, most trips only call for a wipe down with a microfiber towel, which can protect your trike’s coatings. But if you’re riding your trike faithfully, consider creating a wash routine to ensure you make the time and space to give it a deep cleaning. Look at the curves and bends and emphasize moving parts and connections. Also, don’t forget to remove the battery if you intend to wash the trike!

Chain Maintenance

One of the most beneficial tips on how to properly maintain your electric trike is looking after the chain with care. Whatever model you choose, taking care of the chain is essential. When your chain gets dry, it will wear much faster than it should. Applying lubrication is simple and effective and will save you a lot of hassle later and avoid a costly repair.

It’s important always to spray the lubricant where the chain runs and wipe away any leftover residue. Try your best to avoid the sprockets and brake disks.

Be Mindful of the Weather

We’ve already discussed what unideal temperatures can do to the battery’s quality of life, but extreme temps can also wear down your electrics. If your trike experiences constant freezing and unfreezing, the electrical components are at risk of damage. Your trike will work in colder weather, but you may have to work harder to care for it.

If you intend to store your electric trike in a space you know gets cold, ensure you remove the battery and store it in a warmer environment. Typically, room temperature is best for the battery.

Think About Storage Demands

Maintenance also means your storing capabilities. Protecting your investment with proper washing and lubrication is excellent, but you need to ensure it’s safe in its downtime. These joyrides are not cheap, and it is a reliable mode of transportation for many. If stolen, you lose your investment outright, and someone else can cash in on this.

Think about the storage location and how easily accessible it is for you or others. Places like bike sheds and garages are the most suitable locations. And when you’re out and about on the trike, ensure you have the means to lock it up appropriately while you step away.

Wrapping Up

It’s far too easy to forget some simple but effective maintenance steps for the luxuries in our lives. But when you want to prolong the use of something or pass it down to someone in the family, the best way is to protect what you paid for.

If you’re ready to invest in a recumbent e-trike or need help with your trike’s maintenance, reach out to our team at Voltaire Cycles today. Whether you’re carrying cargo, enjoying some fresh air, or taking a tour around the mountains, proper care and maintenance can help take you there!

How To Properly Maintain Your Electric Trike

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