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How to Buy an E-bike

How to Buy an E-bike

Are you overwhelmed when you are shopping for an e-bike? Well, it's understandable and it is OVERWHELMING! There’s many different types, styles, sizes, components and brands! It's hard to figure out where to start!

This is a simple ‘How To’  guide to buy an e-bike that suits you or a loved one.

  • When shopping for any bike consider bringing ample amounts of time to see the selection, ask questions and test ride.  This way you are not rushed in trying to make a rash decision on a large investment. The way to think about coming to the store is making it an experience. Even if you don’t buy, it is 100% okay to test ride all the bikes. We want to know the difference between various styles and meet the Voltaire family. 
  • Everyone has a budget. How much do you want to spend and what is your price range? Most good quality e-bikes start at $1700 and range up to $8,000 or more.  This is without including accessories or component updates to the bike. How much do you want to spend and what is the buffer room for accessories to properly customize your ride? 
  • What is the purpose of your e-bike? This is the BIG question. Is this primarily a commuter around town? Or is this bike you want to exercise on and be able to go on group rides with your friends? Is your e-bike your adventure wagon that you take on your summer camping trips? All of the above?  There’s all kinds of possibilities, but it's good to figure out what your needs are. At Voltaire we want to show you the selections of bikes that would fit you and your lifestyle. 
    • Depending on your use and desire on how to utilize your bike, there’s two different kinds of styles of power output.
      • Mid-Drive: This motor is located in the bottom bracket, which is the down tube where the crank is. Mid-drive is efficient and has a range of 30-65 miles in one charge. Most Mid-drive have a 250W output and are very sleek. They feel like a normal bike but with an assist. These typically go 20-28 mph max. This bike is sporty and is meant to go for long rides. Gravel grinding, mountain biking, road cycling etc. There are options for street commuting and more robust to carry cargo. Mid-drive are typically more expensive and at a minimum of $3,000 to $10,000. 


        • Hub Drive: Located in the rear wheel where the hub is. It propels you forward and most likely has a throttle. This style has a 250W- 1000W range. They are not as efficient as Mid-Drive but it gets the job done whatever your task is. Hub-drive has a cadence sensor that can engage harder and faster than the torque sensing mid-drives. Granted, if you use the throttle too much and don’t pedal often you lose battery quickly. Always pay attention to your computer system that gages your speed and levels. This type of bike is typically a commuter and adventurous dirt bike style. Hub-drive are less expensive and start around 1500- 8,000. You have a big range in the budget to work from. 


        • We don’t only sell e-bikes. We have many other options. For example we have trikes, scooters and skateboards. If biking is not for you, there are possibilities to find the right purchase for you or your loved one. If you're shopping for another person, we do gift certificates. That way it is still a wonderful present and they can get the full experience as well. 
        • Never be afraid to ask questions. No matter the question, we have an answer. If we are unsure, we do our best to research and steer you in the right direction. Call, email or come in person, we would be happy to hear from you. 


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