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How Often Should an Electric Bike Be Charged?

How Often Should an Electric Bike Be Charged?


The electric bike is rapidly gaining momentum as a reliable means of transportation. But because of its electric properties, there is some refueling necessary for the bike’s function. Recharging the bike’s battery is an integral part of maintaining and riding an e-bike, so it’s essential to understand the best charging methods and adequately care for the battery.

Let’s take a closer look at how often you should charge an electric bike to give riders like you a better understanding of performance optimization.

The Best Charging Method

When your e-bike is brand new, you want to give it approximately 12 full hours to charge. This practice can also ensure the battery is fully functioning when it’s time to start riding on a regular basis. After this initial charge, you want to avoid keeping the battery at 100 percent because this can increase battery degradation.

For optimal battery life and e-bike storage, you want to keep your bike somewhere between 40 and 70 percent. Try not to leave it on the charger for long stretches and unplug it completely when it nears 90 to 95 percent. A Bintelli e-bike is an ideal option for those looking to have the appeal of a traditional bike with the perks of an electric.

Things To Consider When Charging

It’s essential to know that an e-bike’s lithium-ion battery can last several years when cared for properly. You should also consider the storage location and how the temperature fluctuation may affect the battery’s cells and life. It’s critical to place your battery and charging station in a cool, dry location. If this unit gets wet, it can hinder its ability to function properly, or it can pose a safety risk.

For seasons when your electric bike is not in frequent use, you will still want to maintain a healthy bike-battery relationship by following adequate charge needs once a month. This would apply to those who store their e-bikes in the winter or for extended periods.

A Good Rule of Thumb To Follow

A good rule of thumb to follow for how often you should charge an electric bike is after each ride. This way, you maintain a healthy relationship with the battery and ensure the bike is ready for the next adventure.

If you follow a 30 to 60 rule, you can create a healthy balance for when to charge and how long. When the battery reaches 30 percent availability, plug it in, and the next time you charge it, it should have 60 percent availability remaining.

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