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Five best Electric Bike Manufacturers

Want to go back to cycling, but can’t bear the effort? Go electric with electric rides! A few days ago, electric bicycles were rare oddities, but now they are everywhere. With a wide range of electric bikes available today in the market, make sure that you gather proper and accurate information regarding the bike that you want to buy. Here’s a list of the top five manufacturers of electric bikes:


Haibike has designed eBikes which are unique and different from the rest. The German design and large range of powered eBikes, Haibike offers the largest selection of electric bicycles in the world. Bikes manufactured by Haibike are tested for user conditions on real life terrain to assess the quality and riding capability of the eBike. Backed by Bosch eBike Systems, Haibike electric bikes are manufactured employing the latest technology.


Named after the famous scientist, Michael Faraday, Faraday is a popular electric bike brand. The aim of the company is to make people use bicycles without having to spend a lot of time and energy on them. The company claims to rebuild the position of cycling, without sacrificing the look and the experience of traditional bicycles.


Volton focuses on the development of quality electric bicycles which will help riders to reach their destination with ease. The company aims to reduce carbon emission, which is why it manufactures electric bikes and also helps to eliminate the challenges and hassles people face with the new types of transportation. Low maintenance costs, unique designs and quality components are only some of the reasons why Volton electric bikes are preferred by customers.

Vintage Electric

All electric bikes manufactured by Vintage Electric, encompass American ingenuity, timeless design and cutting edge technology. Vintage Electric products are handcrafted and assembled in Santa Clara, California. The team at Vintage Electric focuses on manufacturing products that will stand out and will be useful for the generations to come.

Easy Motion

Developed by BH Bicycle Corporation of Spain, Easy Motion manufactures different types of electric bicycles. With new bicycles manufactured using the latest technologies such as quick release axle levers, new frame design, and small yet powerful batteries, the company is producing some of the best electric bikes in the industry.

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