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Electric Skateboards: Your 2023 transportation mode has arrived!

Electric Skateboards: Your 2023 transportation mode has arrived!

How to get around in the future? What better way to move around town in 2023 then a electric skateboard?

When the waves are far away, and the snow is melted, keeping your core toned for those epic times with an electric skateboard by Voltaire Cycles. We  understanding the feeling of catching a wave and the feeling of fresh powder under your board. Now, you can carve where ever you are. 

With remote power, the electric skateboards we carry give you the control to ride however you want. Eskateboards are redefining how you ride. Voltaire Cycles offers a dirt variation and a pavement variation, the time has come to upgrade your board to keep up with the future of mobilty. 

Here at Voltaire Cycles, we proudly carry Exway and Evolve electric skateboards. Both deliver a unique, fun and incredible dynamic riding experience. 

The favorite eSkateboard of the shop at the moment is the Exway Atlas that epitomizes what it means to have electric freedom. The board is comprised of a single piece of carbon fiber. Available in both 2wd and 4wd, the 2wd configuration, offers dual 1500w motors utilizing unrelenting torque to take you anywhere and everywhere 4 wheel boards can go. 

With a 30% grade rating, we are positive you are going to be impressed with the performance that this board will be able to deliver.  

Evolve skateboards are the other board that we carry.

Evolve offers an excellent carving board for fun times around the city. You will be sure to hit an effective top speed of 20 mph with 24 miles of range. The All terrain model, typically gets somewhere around 22 miles of range in our real world shop range tests.

In his own words, our mechanic Karl Schultz says "gorgous design, killer rideablilty with 0 modifications required".

But when asked about the Exway, Karl says, "price point is attractive, with a very robust component set, you will be sure to love your purchase". 

And when pressed, Owner Chuck Hildreth loves his Exway! "It doesn't get bogged down on the hill! The power is unprecented. Even in gravel environments, this board performs. The tire size of 6" handles low traction terrain perfectly". 

Now that you have a understanding about the power of electric skateboards, what is keeping you from riding one? 




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