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Electric Hunting Bikes

Electric Hunting Bikes

I was traveling through John Day Oregon a couple of years ago during bow hunting season and I saw two large elk and racks in the back of a pickup intermingled with a couple of regular mountain bikes.

Conservation of energy, speed, and stealth are attributes of all apex predators.  Hence electric bikes used for hunting have gained substantially in popularity.  The utility of the Electric Bike for hunting ranges from checking game cameras, transportation to and from hunt areas, coordinating drives and hauling the kill out, Including social visits from one hunting camp to the other.

There are several niche Hunting E Bike brands that have products primarily utilizing “FAT TIRE” bike set ups.  The Fat Tire undoubtedly is a jack of all trades.  And It will meet the most diverse terrain and weather situations.

As an avid off road rider I have experience in the matter of tires.  A 4 to 4.5 inch tire is certainly not the end all.  In fact a 27.5 plus tire at 3 inches is substantially more maneuverable and can even navigate in 3 to 4 inches of snow.   Most hunts have terrain and climate that accommodate regular mountain bike tires. 

Many of the niche Ebike Hunting offers are direct.  With this in mind whom is going to assist the consumer with brake alignment, brake pads, truing the wheel, hydraulic brake bleeding and so forth regarding bike maintenance?  Many dealers have implemented service policies only for brands they carry. 

When investigating hunting E Bikes one should consider many of the offerings not specifically targeted to hunting.  There are extremely good, price competitive fat tire e bike solutions not targeting hunters.  And, consider whether a fat tire Is mandatory for your needs when Regular or Plus mountain bike tires will suffice for most environments.


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