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E MTB’s most common hazard.

E MTB’s most common hazard.

E MTB’s most common hazard

Most believe the most common hazard is running out of battery.

The opportunity for pedal strike is greatly increased with E MTBing.  The reason is E MTB’s augment the riders speed and ground coverage in which pedal strike objects come in much quicker.  The new riding experience requires a more mindful observation of the obstacles that may not have provided any pause without assist.

Some bikes have better clearance in which a 1 inch higher clearance of the pedal to the ground is significant.  I road a Stealth P7R for a season in which the the pedal clearance is 9 inches to the ground.  This clearance is 2 inches larger than most in which I rarely had a pedal strike.  When I ride other E MTB’s I would quickly be reminded to be more mindful of the lower height down pedal.  I’ve been riding a Stealth F37 in which I lost an inch to the bike I was riding prior.  With the increased speed and lower clearance I had to relearn my favorite rides.

I am pleased to see QuietKat has almost 8 inches at the low stroke.  For some us enjoying the high powered E bikes, like QuietKat, pedal strike is a greater issue due to the speeds that can be achieved.  

My takeaway is to be mindful.  In my case I will gravitate toward off road e bikes with taller pedal clearances.  For some a higher center of gravity might be a concern.  From my perspective one inch reduces pedal strike opportunities significantly without a perceivable difference in center of gravity for me.


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