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Bagi Bikes B10 Bold - Setting the Stage for a Ride You Can Take Anywhere

Bagi Bikes B10 Bold - Setting the Stage for a Ride You Can Take Anywhere

At Voltaire Cycles of Central Oregon, we are always excited to bring in a bike brand that is easy to get on and is built well. 

Bagi Bikes, Founded in Israel in 2004, has been dedicated to designing electric bikes focused on comfort, practicality and reliability. The name "Bagi" is Hebrew slang for all-terrain vehicle, and our electric bikes live up to that name with their sturdy construction and versatile design.

We pride ourselves on delivering dynamic, useful and quality eBikes to our customers. 

In specific, the B10 Bold (pictured) is our most capable foldable eBike offering. With the 20x4 tires and nice cushy spring saddle, we know you or your loved ones will be thrilled to hop on and go anywhere. 

Below, you can see the B10 outfitted with high quality Tek-Tro brakes, a intuitive console giving the rider access to powerful lights, rear turn signals and a powerful horn that can alert pedestrians or drivers of your presense. 

From forest roads to riding on the river trail, the Bagi B10 Bold delivers what few other bikes can - reliability, function, style, value and fun! 

Come check out our selection of Bagi Bikes in the shop today! If you are unable to come to the shop physically, we ship!

Please give us a shout at 844 398 3094 for more information about Bagi Bikes!



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