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An Open Letter to our Patrons

An Open Letter to our Patrons

To Friends and Fellow E-Riders:

This year has seen a significant change in attitudes towards e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-mobility vehicles sharing the roadways with other users.  We’ve gone from a relatively niches industry to a full-blown up-n-coming-environmentally sustainable-alternative-transportation-solution that most people can adopt fairly easily. More riders than ever are experiencing e-mobility for the very first time. And many of them are deciding to make their first purchase. 

It’s this surge of new interest that has left us scrambling to keep up. This summer, we’ve had to hire more staff, rely on after-hours technicians and services, and manage phone volume that we never anticipated happening – not even close. This is all good for business – unless of course, you aren’t delivering the goods/services you promised in a timely manner - or you don't have time to help customers the way you should be helping customers. Unfortunately, we are guilty of both of the above scenarios. I would like to offer my apologies for the inconveniences that our services may have caused you in either delays of deliveries or delays in repair/maintenance services. This is not how any of us want to operate a business. We've done our very best to offer additional discounts, give-aways, freebies, and free services - all in an effort to beg your patience and your forgiveness for the challenges we are facing this season. 


We are addressing these issues head-on. We are developing a much larger repair and re-build facility next door in Little Falls, NJ. This will become our hub for managing both repair and warranty issues as well as new bike orders and shipments/deliveries. We are also augmenting our phone support system with the addition of dedicated lines and live operators to handle questions immediately. We currently have two lines into our shop - and its evident that two lines is not nearly enough. Many of you continue to get bumped to voicemail when both lines are busy. 

All of this is to say “we know we aren’t there yet – and we know we have a good deal more work to do before we get there”. These solutions are being developed and implemented behind the scenes. We are working 24/7 on operations and services so that when you visit next, or make a purchase on our website, you will receive authentic and immediate attention from our team. My personal goal is to make it possible that you never have to leave a message. I know we can get there.

In a few weeks, you will begin to see the signs of a new-and improved website, and a Voltaire Cycles of Verona brick-n-mortar. I hope that when we finally get there, you’ll still be willing to come in for a visit, a test ride, and even a preview of 2020 models to come. Thank you for your patience with us – and thank you for all of the encouragements you offered to me and to each member of our team: Jay, Emilio, Arturo, Steve, Patti, and Jamie. 

Yours sincerely,


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