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A Guide To the Different Types of Electric Skateboards

A Guide To the Different Types of Electric Skateboards

A rising tide of motorized skateboards has found its way to the shores of the mobility world. Electric skateboards are more than likely the fastest, most thrilling methods of people-moving efficiency. Whether you’re a commuter, adventure-enthusiast, or basic street skater, these emerging carbon-reducing products are fantastic alternative means for getting from point A to point B.

We’ve compiled a straightforward rundown on the categories of motorized skateboards available on the market today. This innovative skateboarding scene is a booming community of longtime riders, DIY makers, and newcomers. Read on to uncover more with this guide to the different types of electric skateboards. Each high-tech version is a versatile gamechanger for the road that lies ahead.

Electric Street Longboards and Shortboards

Electric street boards are similar to conventional boards but offer a motor-boosted, compact design for optimal cruising. The larger part of motorized skateboards on the market tends to be longboards, as their width is an ideal feature for comfort, stability, and a smooth ride. With a streamlined look and distinctive feel, beginners and advanced riders alike will find electric longboards as a true pleasure to ride on concrete or tarmac surfaces.

Electric street shortboards are what most people picture as traditional skateboards, except with additional systematic battery-powered abilities. Their practical purpose is ideal for more mundane routes than adventurous ventures. Their lightweight presence and ease of carrying make them superior for portability, especially for commuters or riders of an urban landscape.

Electric All-Terrain or Off-Road Boards

Thanks to the electric skating revolution, riding on a plethora of terrains is now a bonafide possibility. Electric all-terrain boards with complete electric systems can help users navigate any rideable surface, such as grass fields, gravel roads, sandy beaches, or even steeper hills. Electric skateboards designed for off-road abilities have a suitable setup for any purpose on the planet—they merely exist to be extraordinary. Sub-variations within this category of e-boards exist. You can’t go wrong with unique features such as greater stimulative braking, high-powered motors, wheel option versatility, and a lower center of gravity.

Hybrid Boards: Parts for DIY Builds

Last but certainly not least, we cannot overlook the plentiful opportunities for DIY builds in this guide to the different types of electric skateboards. Riders can choose to modify their favorite deck with specialized motor systems or wheel-switch outs for user-friendly conversion. This hybrid set-up method lets you choose your own preference for riding around town or hitting the back roads. The ultimate electric skateboard possibility truly depends on your specific needs, uses, and level of riding experience.

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