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5 Tips for Traveling With an Electric Bike

5 Tips for Traveling With an Electric Bike

No matter where you’re heading, you should always be prepared any time you plan to travel with your e-bike. Things like bike lock safety and an emergency kit are essential when you’re on two wheels. We took the time to compile a quick list of tips for traveling with an electric bike to help you in all your adventures.

Pre-Trip Preparations

Routine maintenance on your e-bike is essential to its lifespan and usability, specifically if you intend to leave the confines of your neighborhood and explore out of town.

Regardless of your travels, consider having a once-over performed on your bike to ensure there are no underlying issues you may not be aware of yet. While accidents can still happen, preventative maintenance is always better than no maintenance.

Getting and Staying Charged

Charging the battery is one of the challenges of an e-bike. So, you should always be mindful of this in your planning phase. If your electric bike has a pedal assist, you can always pedal should the battery die. But the majority of e-bikes weigh more than conventional bikes, so it’s something to consider.

If you’re traveling by car to your destination and hauling the bike, carrying extra parts and a battery in the trunk can be convenient. It isn’t advisable to carry a second battery on your bike because of the weight factors. But most places will allow you to charge your battery if you’re in a pinch.

Bike Safety

Due to the rather large investment of an electric bike, you must factor in your locking measures. How you store your bicycle while not in use is critical. Parts are easily removable or worse; someone could unhook it and take your bike without you ever being able to recover it.

The best location for an e-bike is inside somewhere safe, rather than attached to a metal bike rack outdoors. You should invest in a quality locking system that can sustain the investment of the bike. Check for toughness, latch style, and the quantity of locks necessary for proper security.

Pack Proper Gear

There are various ways to dress while riding your e-bike, but it’s always best to ensure you have all the proper gear regardless of destination and weather. Weather and terrain can be unpredictable, so being prepared is vital. A few things to consider:

  • Cycling shoes
  • Moisture-wicking layers
  • Extra socks
  • Cycling gloves
  • Cycling cap

Remember an Emergency Kit

A beneficial tip for traveling with an electric bike is remembering the emergency kit. This might include your spare battery, but you may skip that component due to the weight factor. But there are various other items to prepare that could help you in your travels, including:

  • Spare tire tube
  • Portable air pump
  • Patch kit
  • Tire pressure gauge

When you’re ready to look at our selection of Stealth electric bikes for sale, reach out to Voltaire Cycles for support. We can ensure all your cycling needs are met and that your e-bike adventures are complete!

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