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5 Helpful Tips When Riding an Electric Bike

5 Helpful Tips When Riding an Electric Bike

There are many things to learn when you invest in an electric bike, but some of the most useful information comes during your rides. Learning to ride your e-bike safely comes with practice, patience, and experience. Here, we discuss five helpful and practical tips you can use while en route with your electric bike, regardless of destination.

Maintain a Seated Position

While it might seem obvious, maintaining a seated position while riding an electric bike is a critical and helpful tip. On a traditional bike, it is common to stand on the pedals to boost yourself over a challenging hill or accelerate your speed.

On an electric bike, the power assist features make it difficult for the motor to function correctly if you stand up or apply too much force on the pedals. Remain seated and pedal at a consistent rate for optimal motor function.

Use Power Assist

Right away, your bike will be in standard pedal mode, but as you begin to pedal, you will feel it transition into ECO mode. This is also known as first speed, where the motor starts to assist the pedaling.

An electric bike features various speed ratings, depending on the electric bike’s model. Each speed rank will weigh on the battery, so it is best practice to choose the assist mode that suits the ride.

Check The Brakes

Checking and monitoring the brakes is vital because you will use more overall power on an electric bike than on a traditional bicycle. The force needed to effectively slow the e-bike and enter a smooth stop can wear on the brakes much faster, so checking them periodically can help maintain their life and ensure your safety.

Most often, electric bikes use disc brakes, which are controlled by a lever at the handlebar. You can test your brake system by squeezing the lever and attempting to roll the bike. Your e-bike should not move if the brakes are in good working condition.

Follow Basic Safety Guidelines

Basic safety guidelines include things like wearing a helmet and following the rules of the road. You should also consider planning your routes in advance to ensure you are following your experience level and abilities.

Checking the weather can also help secure your overall safety because inclement weather may deter you from riding, or you may need to take your waterproof gear. Lastly, adjusting the seat, mirrors, and handlebars appropriately each ride can help maintain your ability to effectively control the e-bike.

Monitor the Bike’s Display

The electric bike’s display system is a critical feature of the bike, and you want to learn to monitor it closely. This is where all pertinent information about the bike will go, and this can help you understand the health of the bike while riding.

A few key things to watch include battery charge, distance traveled, and overall speeds. You should check that the display is functioning properly and get comfortable using it during every ride.

With these helpful tips, we hope you feel comfortable and safe while riding your electric bike, regardless of where you’re headed. Here at Voltaire Cycles, we carry a unique range of electric bicycles online to suit all your riding experiences and desires. Connect with us today to learn more about electric bikes and general riding knowledge!

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