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3 Tips for Properly Storing Your Electric Tricycle

3 Tips for Properly Storing Your Electric Tricycle

Electric tricycles offer a new layer to adventuring around town, and they have never been more accessible. The ease of the ride combined with the alleviation at the gas pump creates a unique experience for riders of all ages. But when your luxury ride isn’t in use, securely storing it is a top priority.

Let’s look at the best three tips for properly storing your electric tricycle for the days, weeks, or months it isn’t on an adventure!

Consider Storage Solutions for Your Lifestyle

There are various ways you can store your e-trike for short-term and long-term solutions. Consider your storage options to create a space saver and provide an efficient system. You will want to weigh the pros and cons of your lifestyle and riding style to ensure the storage solution you choose works best.

A wall-mount or hanging ceiling rack will work if you can hoist your trike and get your tricycle off the floor. However, consider a floor-based solution for seniors or those who would rather not lift the trike. Remember that you’re protecting your investment when you store it, so don’t hesitate to invest in safe storage. Something like a storage pod is an excellent option that can enable you to lock your trike away and keep your riding gear all in one accessible location.

Accommodate the Battery

Another necessary tip for properly storing your electric tricycle is accommodating the battery. Because the battery is the heart of your e-trike, you should treat it with care. Once you park your trike in its storage home, remove the battery and secure it in a warm, dry place, usually inside. Poorly storing the battery or keeping it attached to your trike in outdoor temperatures can degrade its life span.

The battery accommodations also allow you to closely monitor its charge cycles, specifically if your tricycle is in long-term storage. Keep your battery between 30 and 75 percent to reduce the aging process on its cycles.

Remember Care and Handling

Remember adequate care and handling before and after you place your e-trike in its storage space. You can maintain or extend its life by simply wiping it down and clearing any debris or residue. While riding, you will naturally pick up all kinds of elemental nonsense.

Wash the trike or wipe it with a nice microfiber cloth before storing it. And when you take it out of storage, give it a once-over to remove any dust particles.

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